• Total Organic Nitrogen 14.45%
• Free Amino Acids 8.51%
• Total Amino Acids 91.3%
• 100% soluble in water
• Organic carbon 52.65%
• Total organic matter 92%
• Carbon/nitrogen ratio 3.5

Nitrosol Peptone Amino, is a 100% soluble powder made from porcine blood by a Company in Europe that specialises in human, animal and plant nutrition.

Nitrosol Peptone Amino will easily dissolve in water with no residues, which means that it can be used in fine spray equipment or fed to plants through irrigation and fertigation systems using fine drippers with no danger of blockaging. The ready availability of amino acids stimulates plants into a growth mode creating a number of specific advantages including:

• Better initial sprouting and root growth
• Stimulates growth of young plants leaf area
• Stimulates formation of new shoots in orchard trees, with more strength
• Promotes fruit set, increasing the number of flowers and fruit
• Contributes to earlier and more abundant harvests
• Increases the quantity and weight of the harvest
• Boosts brix levels, an indication of plant, fruit, vegetable nutrient quality
• Boosts pasture production with organic nitrogen that will not harm soil
  organisms, groundwater or the environment

Packed in a convenient 10 kg quantity the general application recommendation for foliar application is to dilute 150 - 300 grams per 100 litres of water and apply by spray. Alternatively for soil application use up to 2 - 4 kg per hectare in 3 - 4 applications during critical phases of crop development.

While Nitrosol Peptone Amino is a great source of 13% organic nitrogen, it is the substantial source of amino acids that is the real reason for its success. All plants make their own amino acids during their growth and development, however, if these are supplied from an outside source in a readily plant available form then the plant so treated uses the energy saved, to grow and develop towards maturity and harvest.

Nitrosol Peptone Amino is ideal for use on all types of crops including vegetables, orchard, pip, stone and berry fruits, olives, avocados, grapes, kiwifruit, cereals, flowers, ornamentals, nurseries, seedlings, seed crops as well as pasture and fodder crops. It can be used with Nitrosol Original, Nitrosol Oceanic or Nitrosol Organic where a full range of all the nutrients, trace elements and minerals are required.

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