What is Nitrosol?
Nitrosol is a biological liquid suspension fertiliser, made from good old organic blood and bone, sourced from sheep processing abattoirs or fish processing operations.

Nitrosol is designed as a total replacement, one-step fertiliser containing:
A balanced supply of the major nutrients N. P. and K. (8.3.6.) - all readily
plant available to feed through BOTH the foliage and roots
The organic matter from blood and bone includes amino acids, albumin,
globulin, cholesterol, humates and protein, the building blocks of life
A carefully balanced formulation of all the essential trace elements and
Two naturally occurring growth promotants

Nitrosol Original
Manufactured from ovine (sheep) blood and bone, Nitrosol Original has earned an enviable reputation based upon over thirty years widespread use among farmers and growers for producing outstanding results in virtually any plant growing situation in New Zealand and many countries around the world. Nitrosol aids plant growth and development and helps plants to grow and produce closer to their genetic potential.

Primarily used by horticultural growers, so many of whom have great
respect for ‘good old blood and bone’ and have found that Nitrosol Original
gives them similar benefits plus many more besides a far quicker uptake.

Nitrosol Oceanic
Manufactured from blood and bone sourced from deep sea fish processing operations. Nitrosol Oceanic was originally developed to meet the requirements of European importation of blood and bone products in the early 1990's, and is for use on pasture or crops grazed by ruminant animals and also helps farmers to comply with New Zealand MAF Regulations promulgated to ensure grazing animals do not eat animal sourced protein.
Nitrosol Organic
Nitrosol Organic is a liquid fertiliser made from fish from fish waste sourced from fish processing operations. Carefully manufactured according to strict criteria permissible for the production of certified organic inputs, Nitrosol organic is certified by AsureQuality New Zealand and is approved for use by certified organic producers.

Nitrosol Organic has been formulated with a focus on increasing the humus and organic activity within the soil. The organic material is there to nurture and stimulate the biological activity and in particular the earthworms, as this in turn leads to improved soil structure and the release of locked up nutrients.

Nitrosol Organic results include aiding with recovery after a stress event such as adverse weather conditions or transplanting and helping the availability of nutrients to plants so that they may produce closer to their genetic potential. For organic pastoral farmers the result is a more balanced nutrient and trace element rich herbage, to help improve animal health and productivity.

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Nitrosol is a Balanced Fertiliser
The real key here is balanced. Most scientists recognise that a balance of all elements in the soil is absolutely crucial to obtain healthy plant growth.

It's just not good enough to apply large doses of one or two elements - as this will tend to 'lock up' many others. Excessive phosphorus can for example 'lock up' zinc, copper, calcium and iron and application of bulk potassium can render magnesium unavailable and cause all sorts of animal health problems.

Years of research and practical testing of the original formula, developed by highly respected Australian veterinary scientist, the late Dr G P Kauzal well over 30 years ago, have produced a totally balanced fertiliser, Nitrosol.

Nitrosol also contains two naturally occurring growth promotants. The first is an incredibly powerful stimulant extracted from certain waxes and selected plant foliage that helps plants to absorb and use the nutrients we include as well as those in the surrounding soil. It stimulates the process of photosynthesis literally within minutes of its application. This promotant is also responsible for boosting the 'sugars' in plants that aids the sweetness and taste in fruit and palatability in animal feed. Higher sugars means higher levels of all the micro-nutrients, trace elements, energy and vitamins so important for animal/human health and vitality.

The second naturally occurring promotant is responsible for cell elongation and Triacontanol acts to stimulate cell division. Together these two growth promotants act as an aid to help plants take up and use all the available nutrients, those in the soil as well as those in Nitrosol itself.

What is the Payback?
More and more farmers are demanding fertilisers that really perform. Therefore, the most important question is, just how can you expect to truly benefit from using Nitrosol?

Nitrosol produces fantastic results all over New Zealand and around the world. Whether your situation is pastoral, horticultural, cropping, nursery, recreational turf or even just in the vegie garden you can expect:

Productivity, Yield, Health and Quality
A soil structure that is more aerated and friable, so it can hold more moisture, and also improve drainage
Higher yields from hardy, robust, healthier plants, then become more resistant to attack from insect pests and disease
More organic activity in soil leads to an increase in earthworm numbers and beneficial soil organisms
Boosts plant recovery after a stress event such as transplanting or an adverse weather occurrence
Eliminates leaching or runoff and contamination of groundwater, rivers and lakes due to its organic nature and being a suspension
Higher metabolisable energy, leads to improved palatability and nutrient value of grazing pasture for animals and crops for human or animal consumption
Improved stock health with lower animal health costs that leads to greater productivity and more profit
Increases dry matter production and accelerates breakdown of thatch and dead plant material

Cost Efficiency
Nitrosol is also extremely cost efficient - because it's a liquid and because it's packed full of active ingredients. We only use the highest quality blood and bone with strict minimum quality levels. Then, after all the trace elements, minerals and growth promotants are thoroughly mixed, the product is passed through a special grinding mill system and then a screening process to ensure that the maximum possible particle size is 250microns or 0.25mm so it can be sprayed through conventional spraying systems.
In such a concentrated form, Nitrosol is very cost efficient to transport
Nitrosol can be applied with normal ground or airborne spray equipment - at the same time as your regular spray programme if you wish
It acts as a sticker/spreader for herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Farmers and growers often find they use less chemical with the same or even better results
The nutrients are very plant available and the organic material decomposes slowly to provide extended growth over a longer period

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