18 July, 2008
The Great Fertiliser Controversy

The decade from 1967 to 1977 will be long remembered by many in Australia for the furious controversy that raged between the solidly entrenched superphosphate-based chemical fertiliser monopoly and the emerging `embryo` of the alternative and ecologically acceptable natural mineral fertiliser industry.

The author, in his weekly television series `Today on the Land`, dared to question the efficacy of superphosphate based, ionised, water-soluble NPK chemical fertilisers and the wisdom of continuing their unbridled use in every agricultural and horticultural enterprise. It was a match to a short fuse! The reprisals were swift and vicious from the chemical industry, enthusiastically backed up by the various State departments of agriculture; and so it was, that a one man war was declared against the government-backed chemical giants... more, download the full article in PDF format.


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