20 April, 2011
View what people are saying about Nitrosol.
Rural Research commissioned a series of video interviews with farmers, gardeners and horticulturalists throughout New Zealand. View the interviews online...

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16 July, 2010
AgResearch clover flea poster
Clover flea is an intermittent pest of white clover in NZ pastures, ahiuch can cause severe damage. As there are few options available for control of this pest, AgResearch Lincoln scientist Scott Hardwick investigated whether or not foliar fertilisers influence the behaviour and survival of clover flea using bioassay ... read more >

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26 June, 2010
TV One Rural Delivery Interview 26 June 2010
Dr Christine Jones, well known in Australia as the ‘Carbon Lady’ was interviewed on TV One’s Rural Delivery program on Saturday the 26th of June 2010.Christine Jones has been presenting seminars to farmers around Australia, highlighting the importance of ‘biological farming’ as a way of increasing soil fertility, thereby improving ... read more >

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