Life in Soil

Without ‘life’ in the soil it can do little more than prevent growing plants from falling over! It is ‘life’ in the earth that provides its fertility. Life in soil is comprised of earthworms, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, beetles, centipedes, slugs, snails and ants to name a few (source Wikipedia). Life in a healthy soil works to break down decomposing organic matter on the surface, creating humus and that adds to the soil’s volume and texture, thereby improving its structure and its fertility. This process releases locked up nutrients to better grow plants that contain a balanced mix of nutrients, minerals and trace elements. The end result is the provision of healthier nutrition to the animals or humans that consume the plants as food.

Our products Nitrosol and MicroLime are strongly oriented towards the procreation of ‘life’ in soil. MicroLime, a sprayable rapid action fine lime provides a source of readily available calcium, an essential element and a pre-requisite for healthy soil, plants, animals and humans. Nitrosol is made from fish based or ovine blood and bone that also contain calcium as well as a full range of plant available nutrients, minerals and trace elements that will feed and nurture plants through both foliage as well as roots. The organic content that includes humates, amino acids, carbohydrates (energy), contributes to the development of the soil biology and this leads to better nutrient uptake by plants, raising brix levels and increasing dry matter production.

Farmers and growers find that Nitrosol and MicroLime make a significant contribution to enhancing the life in their soils, improving crop yields and quality, improving the health of their grazing animals and also reducing their reliance upon, expense and harm, often associated with the use of chemicals. Enhancing your soil biology with Nitrosol and MicroLime has the added benefit of sequestering carbon a fact that will have growing importance in the years ahead.

Nitrosol has been made and sold throughout New Zealand for over thirty
years and has been distributed around the world for almost all of that time.

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