We would be pleased to consider expressions of interest from potential distributors in countries or market sectors, where we are not represented at the present time.

Brand: Growth B & B
Distributor: Growth Agriculture Pty, Ltd.
Contact: Kerry Watts, Managing Director
Address: Wee Waa, NSW 2328
Phone: +61-2 6795-3210
Fax: +61-2-6795-3211
Cellphone: + 61-18-211-113
Email: kwatts@growthag.com.au
Brand: Nitrosol
Distributor: Intefa
Address: 491 Wireless Railgate
Bara Moghbazar
Dhaka -1217
Brand: Wegeners Blood and Bone
Distributor: Synergos Holdings Ltd
Contact: Brent Parker, President
Address: Calgary, Alberta
Phone: +1-403-230-5717
Fax: +1-403 276-9120
Cellphone: +1-403-807-3403
Email: synergos@cadvision.com
Brand: Nu-Gro Blood and Bone
Distributor: Nu-Trel Products Ltd.
Contact: Daniel Wilkinson, Managing Director
Address: Farm Park, Kettlethorpe
Phone: +44-1522-704-747
Fax: +44-1522-704-748
Cellphone: +44-7779-229-605
Email: dwilkinson@nutrelgroup.co.uk
South Africa
Brand: Nitrosol
Distributor: Fleuron Pty Ltd
Contact: Marinus van der Luijtgaarden, Chief Executive
Address: P O Box 31245, Braamfontein, Johannesburg 2017
Phone: +27-11-626-2928
Fax: +27-11-626-1153
Cellphone: +27+11-487-1326
Email: marinusvdl@global.co.za
Brand: Nitrosol
Distributor: Youngpro Ltd
Contact: Warren Chen, Chief Executive
Address: Taichung, Taiwan
Phone: +886-4-320-2248
Fax: +886-4-320-2249
Cellphone: +886-937-242-656
Email: youngpro@ms12.hinet.net
Brand: Nitrosol
Distributor: Tawan Agvet
Contact: Dr Rachadaporn Sornchai, Chief Executive
Address: 20/406 Soi Wat-kok, Rama II Road, Bangkok 10150
Phone: +66-2-898-5085
Fax: +66-2-416-9306
Email: agvt@ksc.th.com
Brand: GreenGanic
Distributor: GreenGanic LLC
Contact: Mark Batliner CEO
Address: 4343 Morena Blvd Ste 9, San Diego CA 92117
Phone: +1-619-567-9077
Fax: +1-678-601-2037
Cellphone: +1-619-277-2545
Email: sales@greenganic.com
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