About Our Company
Rural Research Limited was established in 1975 to supply 'possibly the best fertiliser on earth' to the New Zealand market.

The present owners purchased the Company in 1987 and since that time the Company has gone from strength to strength. In fact by 1991 Rural Research had been awarded a KPMG Peat Marwick and Telecom Small Business Enterprise Award. The award was a culmination of four years hard work at establishing Nitrosol as one of the top selling and performing liquid fertilisers in New Zealand.

By 1993 Rural Research had been selected to profile on the prestigious 'Made in New Zealand' television documentary programme and featured our staff at their work and contained interviews with some of our customers.

Nitrosol was part of a comprehensive fertiliser trial conducted by the NZ Ministry of Agriculture on behalf of Consumer Institute in 1992. One of twenty-five different fertilisers tested, Nitrosol was stated to be the TOP PRODUCT. Subsequently, Nitrosol was used as the 'control' in two further fertiliser trials conducted by Consumer and continued to produce outstanding results.

Since the early 90's the Company has increased its productivity and commenced to export Nitrosol and MicroLime around the world. We have licensed offshore manufacturing in Australia and the USA is looking to do the same.

Two years ago a camera crew from California arrived to film some of the customers and their applications for use in television commercials and a web site in the USA. An edited version of their work is available as a free DVD.

Recently we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the mindset of many farmers and growers towards taking greater care of their soil biology in the knowledge that it will also contribute to their improved profitability. Nitrosol and MicroLime are instrumental in helping to improve soil biology whilst growing healthier plants to provide more nutritious food products for animals and humans, as the case may be.

Company Mission Statement
To successfully market and sell our liquid blood and bone fertiliser and other products centred around the natural organic theme, to farmers and growers through New Zealand and offshore.

We aim to provide farmers and growers with demonstrably improved growing environments, yields and profitability... a direct consequence of healthier soil, plants, animals and humans, by building a team of people who will develop and maintain a quality and service oriented attitude that leads the industry.

Our philosophy is CARE - Customers Are Really Everything.

Rural Research Limted
Postal Address

P O Box 204-363
Highbrook 2161
New Zealand

Street Address 63B Allens Road
East Tamaki 2310
Manukau City
New Zealand
Telephone +64-9-571 7171
Facsimile +64-9-571 7172
Website www.nitrosol.co.nz
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